The aim of this M.Tech programme in Urban Systems is to expose students to urbanization challenges and prepare them for bringing improvement in quality of urban life. The programme will enable the student to understand the socio-­economic suitability of technical (engineering, information, administrative) approaches and particular solutions in orienting urban development on a smarter and sustainable path. This program is expected to create a team of urban professionals who on one hand understand the planning principles and on the other will also know design challenges of urban infrastructure.

The Centre for Urban Science and Engineering (CUSE) is an interdisciplinary centre for research, teaching and skilled manpower development with the primary mandate of creating innovative and holistic solutions to deliver urban services related to planning and design, policy and governance, built environment and social and physical infrastructure while mitigating the effects of natural disasters and climate change. The centre combines the latest advances in science and technology with sustainable, equitable and human-­friendly design, to create new products and solutions that would ultimately lead to the betterment of life for the rapidly increasing urban population in the developing world.


CUSE is engaged in interdisciplinary research in the following areas with a focus on urban challenges in India.

  • Planning and Design
  • Policy and Governance
  • Social and Physical Infrastructure
  • Built Environment and Buildings
  • Informatics
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Admission Details 2022